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Landscaping Services

Loredo's Landscape can provide a wide array of landscaping services including custom flower beds, mulching, tree & shrub installation and more! With nearly 20 years of experience, we know what will look best in your yard and will make your landscaping dreams come to life!

Contact our team today to schedule your landscaping service! 

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Lawn Care Services

Our lawn care and maintenance service keeps your yard looking its best year round. Our team can come out and cut your grass, maintain your flower beds, remove weeds, edge, trim and more! We will then remove any debris from your lawn. We will always make sure that your lawn looks the best in your neighborhood. We offer one time, biweekly, and monthly  lawn  maintenance schedules. Contact our team today to schedule your lawn care service. 
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Sod Installation

Our landscaping experts can install new sod in your yard. We start by removing old grass and weeds in your soil, leveling out your soil, then installing your new sod. We have several types of sod for you to choose from or our team can recommend which type would perform best for your home. Contact our team to schedule a sod installation service today! 


Adding stone features to your landscape can bring a fresh and elegant look to your outdoor space. Retaining walls are not only functional and necessary to hold back uneven terrain, but they also improve the look of your yard and help define the space. Our team can build a strong and beautiful retaining wall or stone feature that lasts a lifetime! 


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